Logan meets Christopher (S6E14) Warner Bros. © 2006
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What if staying inside that box — and maybe creating a really small one for yourself — could not only not restrict your creativity but make you even more creative?

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Image © Warner Bros. 2007

We get it; Luke and Lorelai are meant to be together, but we can’t get them together too soon, or the show’s over.

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Adolescence is always nasty, but I’d venture mine was rocky in a unique way.

The author (center) with her mother (L) and Mrs. Peterson (R) reconnecting in 2018.
Image © Warner Bros Television 2005

Keeping your audience rooting for your main character may require others to do the dirty work.

But what about protagonists?

Helsinki Temple. Photo taken by the author Nov 2019.

Image © Warner Bros 2001

Like It or Not, Rory Wasn’t Ever That Great

Image © Warner Bros. 2000

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