Carpal Tunnel Relief at Home — No Kidding

A tip from a colleague + the genius of my then 14-year-old led to a simple treatment for carpal tunnel pain without medication or surgery. Seriously.

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Photo by Jonathan Perez on Unsplash

The Discovery

After several months of right-hand wrist pain, I was desperate for relief that didn’t involve popping ibuprofen like candy. I asked the Facebook hive mind for suggestions.

The Experiment

Within half an hour, she’d cut a prototype from KT Tape. She applied it to my hand, and sure enough, after a single night, my wrist felt much better.

The Costs — and the Savings

KT Tape is much cheaper than the other product made for carpal tunnel or wrist support. I’ve never had to wear the tape for anywhere near six weeks, as suggested by the other device’s manufacturer. If I wore the tape for that long, I’d probably be able to go years between treatments, but I haven’t tested the theory.

How to Apply KT Tape for Carpal Tunnel Relief

Cut a strip of KT Tape (shown on top) in half and then shape it as shown below so one side has two strips that almost reach the center of the tape (shown below). The image below shows blue tape. Many other colors are available.

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A strip of KT Tape Pro (top) and a half a strip cut to be a carpal tunnel pain relieving device (bottom). Photo by Annette Lyon

How to Apply the KT Tape Device

Watch the video below to see it in action, but I recommend reading the instructions first.

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