Love this! I lived in Helsinki for 3 years in my youth & attended public school. That was a big challenge, but I came off conqueror, eventually outscoring my native classmates on grammar tests.

But I lost a ton of my Finnish after we returned to the States. I’ve been studying up over the last year to get it back, and while I can feel my brain dusting itself off, I’m realizing just how complicated a language Finnish really is — I learned it partly as a kid naturally would, which simply doesn’t work when you’re in your 40s! Not to mention that in the 80s, there was no social media, email, smart phones, or a thousand other things that are commonplace & have their own vocabulary now.

A fun language bit you’ll likely appreciate: my father knew a young man studying Finnish who was told to conjugate the word “muurahainen.”

He proceeded like so: “Minä muurahainen, sinä muurahaiset…” 😂🤣😂

(Now I’m craving a Fazer sininen, a bottle of Pommac, and a stroll around Suomenlinna…)

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