Oh, man, I hear ya. I even have a daughter (19) who desperately wants reduction surgery because she’s so self-conscious about her chest.

Men have it easy in a lot of ways because they’re the “default” (for lack of a better word) in business and elsewhere. They get to wear a suit and tie as a general uniform, and no one really notices their wardrobe choices, but the moment a woman walks in, she’s automatically different, no matter how enlightened and progressive any of the men in the room may be. She doesn’t have the uniform, and she will be analyzed and judged.

As a woman, having to constantly factor in how others will perceive us is exhausting!

(Welcome soon to the 45 club! I just joined it myself!)

USA Today bestselling & award-winning author of women’s fiction & romance. Word nerd. Chocoholic. Mom. https://taplink.cc/annette.lyon

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